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James Wyman, a native of Fresno, California, first moved to Arizona in 1993. Working as a real estate developer, he established himself in the community and became familiar with much of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

When the real estate market declined in the late 2000s, Mr. Wyman and several partners purchased a number of local low-income rental housing communities. In maintaining and managing these properties, he found himself face-to-face with the harsh realities of poverty and the lives and sufferings of the less fortunate.

Meanwhile, in his volunteer work with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Jim encountered story after heartbreaking story of domestic violence, child abuse, neglect and abandonment.

It wasn’t long before Jim recognized his calling and responsibility to assist these innocent victims of domestic violence to heal and rebuild their lives. He resolved to use the skills and resources with which he’d been blessed to make a difference in children’s lives, and so in the community as a whole. The Arizona Healing Haven Project is the result of that calling and resolution.


Victoria Ligons, a native of Phoenix, Arizona and Co Founder/Creative Director of The Arizona Healing Haven Project. 

Ms. Ligons started her career in Urology and Oncology working along top surgeons in the Medical Field. She left the medical industry in 2016, and started her multi business development company. Ms. Ligons has always had a longing for helping less fortunate children within her community. She started a online bakery which is one of the contributors to The Arizona Healing Haven Project. Ms. Ligons speaks with children and local youth within Arizona on youth development and creating positive skills to help overcome negative beliefs and habits. Ms. Ligons created a platform  called Victorious Productions which is a series of positive DIY, Business Tips, and Skills to help kids/youth all over the world.

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