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Our Fundamentals

Who we are, What we do:

The Arizona Healing Haven Project exists to plan, fund, organize, build and operate a major facility to house and care for children who have been abandoned or suffered the traumas of domestic violence. It is a not-for-profit organization funded entirely through the generosity of concerned individuals and organizations.

The project was begun in 2015 by James D. Wyman, an Arizona businessman and father. In the course of his work in real estate, and in volunteer work with area charities, James repeatedly encountered children whose lives had been devastated by domestic violence – as well as children literally abandoned by their parents. He resolved to use his skills and resources to help such people, in a significant and lasting way.

The Arizona Healing Haven Project | Non- Profit Organization
Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe, secure, healthy and nurturing environment for children who have been abandoned or suffered the trauma of domestic violence, and to provide resources for healing, resolution, and building happy, healthy new futures.

Our Philosophy

• No child should have to continue to suffer the devastating effects of domestic violence.

• Every child has a right to live in a safe, secure, clean and loving environment.

• We who have been fortunate have a responsibility to give aid and comfort to those less fortunate.

• By enlisting the aid of concerned individuals, organizations and agencies, and effectively coordinating and channeling their generous contributions of all kinds, we can amplify the effects of each contribution and so accomplish far more for those in need.

Our Objectives

A primary objective is to establish clean, secure housing for the children in our care.

The current target facility is a 320-unit gated housing complex, to be purchased and prepared for this purpose.

The housing facility will be located so as to provide ready access to suitable schools, and medical and dental care.

An adjoining property (or properties) will also be purchased to establish these additional facilities:

  • Additional living facilities for up to 1,400 children separated from their parents.

  • An on-site dining facility to prepare and serve all residents three healthful, appealing meals daily.

  • Facilities for educational, creative and physical activities, with a variety of programs for individuals and groups alike.

  • Care and counselling facilities for children, and in some cases their family members, with tailored programs for all participants.

  • An on-site sanctuary to meet participants’ spiritual needs; though non-denominational, it will offer access to guidance and spiritual care for people of any faith.


To achieve these objectives it will also be necessary to:

  • Secure the necessary funding, through one-time donations as well as trusts and other ongoing funding arrangements.

  • Secure the support and participation of civic and governmental groups and authorities, as well as private organizations and individuals with similar objectives.

  • Hire, train and administer the staff necessary to maintain operations, and establish and administer an efficient volunteer program.

  • Coordinate the contributions of all concerned, for maximum efficiency and benefit to those  in our care.

Policy and Legal Consideration

The Arizona Healing Haven Project is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Your donations and contributions may be tax-deductible, in accordance with current tax regulations.

Though Project staff will be fairly compensated, the founder, James Wyman, will receive no material compensation, directly or indirectly, for his contributions to project establishment or operation.

The privacy of all participants in the program will be respected and safeguarded, excepting only where doing so would seriously endanger the life or well-being of any individual.

Further policies, rights and restrictions are or shall be covered in detail in various documents relating to specific agreements, services, etc.

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