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Make a Difference


Your contributions to The Healing Haven Project make possible the fulfillment of our mission:

To create a safe haven for children who have been abandoned or suffered the trauma of domestic violence, with resources for healing, resolution, and building happy, healthy new futures.

Every dollar you contribute goes directly to the project and its operations: construction of facilities, equipment, food for our children, routine supplies and other operating costs, compensation for non-volunteer staff and so forth. The founder receives no compensation from the project.

Ways to Contribute


General contributions

Make a general contribution, to benefit the project as a whole. Use of such donations is determined when they are received, based on the project’s progress and priorities.


Specific-use contributions

Specify that your contribution be used for a particular portion of the project: a particular facility or care program, for example. Such contributions will only be used according to your wishes. To make such a request, please contact us.


Continuing contributions

Arrangements will soon be in place to allow you to make monthly, quarterly or annual contributions, automatically charged to an account you specify. If you are interested in making such contributions, please contact us.


Non-monetary contributions

We welcome your contributions of any kind – volunteered services, donations of food, equipment or supplies, or even funding for construction of an entire building or facility. To make such donations, please contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you to make the necessary arrangements.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. When you contribute to our mission, the personal information you provide is kept only as a matter of standard internal record. Your information is completely secure with us, never shared with any outside individual or organization.


In addition to an acknowledgment for your contributions, we may from time to time send you email or postal mail about the good works your caring and generosity have made possible. If at any point you wish us to stop sending such communications, please just let us know – we will definitely honor your request.

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