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The Arizona Healing Haven Project exists to realize a vision:

A safe, secure, nurturing environment for children who have been abandoned or suffered the traumas of domestic violence, with full access to tools, technologies and care to build new lives.


A safe, secure place to live, recover and grow, free from stresses and threats of the past.

With life’s basic needs met, care and counseling can repair the ravages of the past and restore a healthy, hopeful outlook.

Programs and opportunities for education, activities, mentoring and support open the way to a new, happier life.

Where we stand today

The project is currently in its early formative stage – planning, gathering support and establishing a strong foundation. The concentration at this time is on building the initial funding and community support necessary to realize our mission.


Our facilities

The project facilities we have envisioned include:

•  A 320-unit gated living facility for abused and parentless children

•  Additional living facilities for up to 1,400 partentless children

•  Dining facilities for serving all residents three healthful, appealing meals a day

•  Facilities for the educational, physical and social activities vital to full recovery

•  A non-denominational sanctuary to tend to participants’ spiritual well-being


Our services 

The Healing Haven Project will offer the following services:

• Calm and pleasant living environment kept clean, safe and secure at all times

• Skilled and caring staff readily available at all times

• Access to medical care and counselling 

• A rich activities program for whole-person recovery and rebuilding

Be Part of the Solution

You can be part of the solution for victims of domestic violence.

You can help to create the safe space.

You can put in place the facilities, personnel, tools and services crucial to healing.

You can open the door to a healthy future.

We welcome your contributions of vital funds, of materials, and of knowledge, skills and time.

                                   We’d love to hear from you!  Phone: 480 257-4755  

 Email: or

The Arizona Healing Haven Project                                                                     9393 North 90th Street, Suite 102                                                                  Scottsdale, Arizona   85258

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