Christmas Toy Drive 2020  

2020 has been a year of Uncertainty and Malaise with Covid 19 affecting everyone all around the world. With family members passing, unexpected job losses, shut downs, and school closures. The everyday person has to incorporate a new way of life by having to social distance and wear facial protection just to run simple errands. Many families in Arizona are without food and basic necessities especially more this year than any other year prior. The Arizona Healing Haven Project is providing toys/clothes for Kids in Arizona. View the list of kids below. If you would like to donate clothes/toys or sponor a specific kid fill out the form below. 

Aria (17yrs old) Gift Cards, Electronics, Butterfly Accessories, Makeup (M/L)

Asia (13yrs old)Gift Cards, Electronics, Butterfly Accessories, Makeup (M/L)

Aylah (7wks old) (3mo clothes) Light up toys

Ava (10yrs old) Arts, Crafts, Accessories


Elene(14yrs old) Gift Cards, Coloring book,Makeup, Butterfly Accessories, (M)

Dieudonne (12yrs old) Soccor, Hats, Control Cars

Ibrimu (5yrs old) Batman, Soccor, Coloring

Salima (3yrs old) Coloring and Barbies


Joe (16yrs old) Gift Cards, Electronics,

Kiara (14yrs old) Gift Cards, Electronics, Accessories, Makeup

Abal (12yrs old) Cars, Legos, Mega Blocks

Karla (10yrs old) Barbies, Coloring, and Art

If you are a donor looking to help with Christmas Toy Drive for Kids in need in AZ. Click on the donate now button below. We are grateful for any amount you are able to give this year. Each Meal is $90 and will be able to feed a family of 4-6. 

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